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My question is simply this: does a trap with an immediate interrupt property stop an action?

If I was moving and triggered a trap that fires a crossbow at me, does it interrupt my movement? Does it matter if it's a hit or a miss?

I would think that it never stops my movement hit or miss.

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You are not correct in thinking that the Fighter's OA is the only thing that stops movement. There are many powers, feats, traps and other things that can stop movement. In any case, that's another question entirely, and I've edited it out of this one. –  Jonathan Hobbs Mar 3 '13 at 8:08
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I am grabbing this reference from the PHB1 (page 268):

Interrupt: An immediate interrupt lets you jump in when a certain trigger condition arises, acting before the trigger resolves. If an interrupt invalidates a triggering action, that action is lost. For example, an enemy makes a melee attack against you, but you use a power that lets you shift away as an immediate interrupt. If your enemy can no longer reach you, the enemy’s attack action is lost.

From the above I would surmise that if the trap's effect said that the target is slowed or immobilized (on a hit) than it would stop the movement, else you'd take the damage and then continue on as damage alone wouldn't negate the rest of your movement.

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Thanks, that is as I thought. It will make resolving this situation in future much easier. Thanks! –  user7643 Mar 3 '13 at 7:14
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