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I've got a character who needs more melee weapon damage. What kind of things can you buy with character points, besides ST, to increase the damage?

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"Damage" as in weapon penetration (ability to punch through armor), behind-armor injury, or both? – Douglas Cole Aug 17 '14 at 0:37

It's difficult to tell from your question, but you may be looking at the problem too narrowly. 'Increasing melee damage' on its own is only useful if you are attacking walls. If you are attacking monsters with very high Hit Points, you might want a called blow to a vital spot (the reason predators often go for the throat), as in valadil's answer. If your enemies are in plate armour, you want an impaling or two-handed weapon; historically, a pike or halberd. If you are breaking down an inanimate object, think about the engineering; a stone wall needs some pickaxe work at the mortar before the sledgehammer goes in, while it is easier to cut the latch or hinges out of a door than to break it in pieces. GURPS, as I see it, is designed to reward real-world solutions rather than gaming the system.

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I can't find the name of it right now, but I believe there's an advantage you can take that'll reduce the cost of attacking a hit location. That won't increase your base damage, but it should help with your overall output.

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Are you thinking of the Hit Location maneuver (effectively a skill) in C1? – TimLymington Mar 17 '13 at 18:26
@TimLymington, that sounds right. – valadil Mar 18 '13 at 13:04

Weapon Master adds quite a lot. Check if it is appropriate for your campaign style.

Also, with character points wou can buy wealth, with which you can buy finer weapons, magic, etc.

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