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In a comment on Can a pixie levitate on bootlaces carried by a spirit of salzacas?, Simon Withers said

The (at will) Air Spirit Primal Attunement for the Sentinal Druid is a nice replacement for the Prison :)

As fas as I can see, Primal Attunements are Druid Utility powers available only to Protector Druids, so can't just be swapped in. What am I missing? Is it in fact possible for a Sentinel Druid to gain access to these, or was Simon having a laugh?

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This looks like a case of mistaken identity. That power is only available to the Protector Druid and is not a feature of the Sentinel druid.

Other types of Druids do not have access to the attunement utility powers as normal level up powers because in order to take a power at a level the power has to have a level and these utility powers do not have levels assigned to them (That rule is on the RC p87 under retraining).

There does not seem to be a feat that allows either a druid or any other class access to the Protector's class features through multiclass or power swaps so it really does look like it's locked to the Protector.

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