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I remember reading about gauntlets that had an effect what somewhat like Monkey Grip (Complete Warrior feat). The thing was that the wording was off just a bit. How I read it, and my DM agreed, was that you could use this with the Monkey Grip feat, and you player would be able to wield a weapon as though it was two sizes larger.

I think it was in the Magic Item Compendium. What are the gauntlets called? I loved them, but now I cannot find them.

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Strongarm Bracers, Magic Item Compendium pg. 139. It’s 6,000 gp to wield a weapon as if you were a size larger without penalties.

In most cases, that’s an average of +1 damage, which not amazing, but if you’re stacking size bonuses it can be worth more than that. Certainly, in all ways, better than the terrible Monkey Grip feat. You should never take Monkey Grip, since a feat is worth quite a bit more than 6,000 gp (and way more than +1 damage), and because with Monkey Grip you still take penalties, it just lessens them.

As for whether or not they stack, strictly speaking they would not. Both say that they allow you to wield a weapon one size category larger “than you are,” not “than you otherwise could.” Since neither actually changes your size, if you are say Medium, Strongarm Bracers allows you to wield Large weapons with no penalty, or Monkey Grip allows you to wield Large weapons with a −2 penalty, but they don’t interact or stack.

Seeing as Strongarm Bracers explicitly do not stack with Powerful Build (racial trait of Half-giants and Goliaths that allow them to behave in some ways, including for the wielding of weapons, as if they were a size category larger), it seems likely that the authors of Magic Item Compendium intended that the Strongarm Bracers could not be used to wield weapons more than one size category larger than yourself.

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"You should never take Monkey Grip" I disagree -- I've taken it for role-playing reasons before. :) But yes, from an optimizers POV it's a trap. (Though, it's a prereq for Wield Oversized Weapon, an epic feat that would stack with the gauntlets or powerful build. I'm sure that feat is also pretty suboptimal, but it's the only way to use a weapon two size categories larger! In my book that's worth it :P) –  starwed Mar 22 '13 at 16:44
I guess i had thought the text on one or the other was a bit different, but thank you. I was planning on being a medium character and just for the fun or it, wielding a what i thought i would be able to, giant size weapon. lol –  Jackskel21 Mar 22 '13 at 18:35
Monkey Grip is strictly worse than power attack in two (maybe more) very specific instances. 1) You already have power attack and want even more oomph 2) You need a big adamantine weapon to resist sunder attacks. In both cases the gauntlets are still better, provided you have a free item slot. –  Zachiel Mar 22 '13 at 18:50
@starwed I completely disagree. You want to describe your weapon as big, you don't need a feat for that: just do it. Take some good damage-improving feat, and say the extra damage is because of your big weapon if you want. You don't need Monkey Grip to describe your character. Just because you want a certain image should not obligate you to take weak options. And Monkey Grip absolutely is a very weak option. –  KRyan Mar 25 '13 at 13:41
@KRyan That's ignoring a whole lot of human psychology. It works fine in a system like FATE, but part of the fun of d20 (for me!) is the simulationist aspects of it. It may have its share of badly thought out design decisions, but detaching myself from them at will ends up reducing my enjoyment. (And besides, no one else I play with bothers to optimize much, so I have to be careful! :P) –  starwed Mar 25 '13 at 14:03
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