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I am building a wild sorcerer "glass cannon" and I want to be able to teleport around the board. Is it possible?

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Strictly only a Sorcerer? There are classes like Swordmage and Warlock (Fey Pact) which specialise in teleporting around, but they're not Sorcerers. – doppelgreener Mar 24 '13 at 5:16
It's unclear how exacting your limitations are for answers to this question. People are more likely to answer if they can feel confident their answers will actually be helpful; if you could provide more detail and context about your situation and requirements/restrictions, you'll probably get more answers. – BESW Mar 24 '13 at 6:22
Agreed, additional context is needed. Does it need to be at-will? How far does it need to go? Can we use multiclass feats? – Melon Mar 24 '13 at 18:50

I don't know about constant teleporting, but if you use the eladrin race you get the fey step encounter ability. This allows you take use a move action to telport the same distance you could move ignoring rough terrain and escaping monster without provoking opportunity attacks. This also could help you escape a hold that a monster may have on you.

This may not be what you are looking for, but could help during some encounters.

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The only really decent way to get at-will teleportation on a move action is to multi-class into warlock and use the Acolyte Power feat to swap your level 10 utility for the warlock utility Ethereal Sidestep.

Ethereal Sidestep is an at-will teleport 1 as a move action. Once you have it, you use feats and items to increase teleport distance.

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'Guardian's Whistle' (Wondrous Item, Level 4, Daily) lets you teleport a willing ally as a move action, so if someone else in your party had one they can rescue your sorceror.

Most item-activated teleports seem to be reactive, such as the Immediate Interrupt 2 square teleport of the Bracers of Escape (Arms Slot, Level 7), or the fall-rescue teleport of the Feyleaf Sandals (Feet Slot, Level 2)

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