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In the last episode of the D&D podcast season 2: (, Chris Perkins writes:

for those wishing to follow in the footsteps of Acquisitions Inc. Look for the podcast scenario to appear in a future issue of Dungeon Magazine!

Which issue can I find this in and can I purchase just this issue? Are all of the podcast scenarios gathered in one place/publication?

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That podcast was compiled into a playable adventure and released as Storm Tower in Dungeon Magazine #166, with minor changes.

As it's a regular article on the D&D Insider site, you can download a PDF copy if you have a D&D insider subscription. A month of D&D Insider subscription costs $10, so you'll be able to download that and whatever else you want in the space of your month - it's yours, you paid for it.

You can also buy it as part of the Dungeon Magazine Annual volume 1. It's available in print, which is perfect if you want a physical copy. The volume is also sold in PDF format, though consider that this is more expensive than a DDI subscription, and the subscription already gives you access to the Dungeon Magazine archives.

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