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I know that blasts require LoS in 4e and I feel like bursts require line of effect between the target square and the creature but one my players asked if a burst would hit diagonally around a hard corner and I wanted to say a hard no, but then remembered reading somewhere about bursts "splashing" around corners and had doubt enter my mind. Can anyone help me weigh in on this.

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From my reading of the PHB, both require line of effect from their origin square, and neither require line of sight (p272):

A blast affects a target only if the target is in the blast’s area and if there is line of effect from the origin square to the target.


A burst affects a target only if there is line of effect from the burst’s origin square to the target.

You are probably remembering a rule from 3.5 that allowed spreads to do exactly what you describe. But 4e is a bit simpler; you only check whether there's line of effect from the origin of the spell. (I'm sure there are exceptions, but those will be explicitly called out.)

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Less me remembering than someone putting that idea in my heads at one of my early play sessions @ an encounters game before I ever GM'd. I figured that it didnt have any special exceptions but just wanted to confirm. –  Joshua Aslan Smith Apr 1 '13 at 15:33
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