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I have been searching the Internet for Invictus Oaths, and believe that I am running into a bunch of jacked up homebrew ones. Is there anyway that someone could give me a list or a good book to read up on actual Invictus Oaths? They would be being used in a nWoD Requiem Mind's Eye Society game!

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The Invictus sourcebook is probably the best place to find (official) oaths.

It contains the following oaths:

  • Blood-Tell Oath
  • Oath of Blood Knives
  • The Oath Unsworn
  • Oath of Burning Blood
  • Oath of Running Blood
  • Oath of the Bloody Hand
  • Oath of Blood Focus
  • Oath of Blood Alliance
  • Oath of Blood Service
  • Oath of Blood Loyalty
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Thank you very much! – Jackskel21 Apr 22 '13 at 16:22

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