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The Phantom Steeds can have a speed of up to 20, and the Shadow Walk ritual multiplies overland travel speed by 5. This means a party of adventurers can potentially travel overland at a speed of up to 100.

Is there any reason why this won't work?

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I can suppose only 2 reasons why not, in other case it's DM decision agree this or no.

1) Shadow Walk ritual says: "You and your allies walk through shadows..." I'm not sure that magic created mounts can count as allies...

2) Phantom Steeds ritual says: " A phantom steed is immune to any effect other than damage" Positive (like +AC bonuses or other) or negative (like decrease resistance e.t.c) have no effect on Phantom Steeds, so Shadow Walk also have no effect.

*But your character can run faster than Phantom steed, so it's reason why ritual level is higher.

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Yup! Conjurations are not creatures, and so I'm pretty sure they can't be allies. – BESW Aug 2 '13 at 1:20

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