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1.) Does anyone know what kind of level of approval a person would need to have a vampire as their retainer?

2.) Does anyone know what kind of level of approval a person would need to have a Vampire Hunter as an ally?

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Just to be clear: we're talking about MES approvals here, for the Requiem venue? – Jadasc May 4 '13 at 2:26
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This information is available in the latest version of the MES addendum. In the Universal document, it says,

U.VIII.E.3: Retainers can have lesser templates specific to the character's venue (e.g. ghouls in Requiem, sleepwalker in Awakening, etc.) at Low Approval and supernatural templates at High Approval.

U.VIII.E.4: Retainers cannot be any kind of supernatural creature from another venue unless specifically allowed in this supplement.

So the answers to your questions are:

  1. High Approval. (RST)
  2. If it's just an ordinary Vampire Hunter, Low Approval, although I might consult your DST as well. If it's one of the Hunters from the Vigil books, then it's Not Allowed.
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