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I have a character who is a sorcerer with the Elemental(Air) bloodline. She's now 9th level and can thus cast Elemental Body (it's a bonus spell at that level). It hasn't come up, yet, but I foresee her wanting to cast other spells while this spell is still in effect. My initial take was to not allow her, but I'm rethinking that a bit. If she's amorphous, then she should be able to handle somatic components, at least theoretically. If she can make sound she should be able to handle verbal components, maybe. Sorcerers already have Eschew Materials as a feat at 1st level, so most material components should be taken care of. Am I missing something, or should other spellcasting work while in this form?

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Elemental body places no restriction on spellcasting

Nowhere in the elemental body spell is any limitation on spellcasting offered. It simply says you take the forms of the various elementals.

Elementals are capable of casting spells

Unlike animals, elementals can talk, tend to be roughly humanoid in appearance, and thus can perform gestures and manipulate materials and foci. Elementals can take levels in spellcasting classes, and when you become one you remain capable of doing everything that’s necessary for spellcasting.

So yes, you can cast spells during elemental body.

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Also Sorcerers have the Eschew Materials feat – Duncan May 15 '13 at 16:04
@Duncan True but not really relevant. Eschew Materials doesn't touch expensive components, plus other classes can potentially cast the spell. – KRyan May 15 '13 at 16:06

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