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My group and I are new to D&D and we read through the rules for the D&D Next play test. It seems to indicate that attack modifiers apply to damage as a bonus. Does this apply with the magic modifier to spell damage? So does 18 intelligence for a level 1 Wizard give +5 bonus damage to spells? I don't see how the attack bonus otherwise would be relevant since it seems the opposing creatures have to make a DC check against the spells.

Am I missing anything?

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On page 3 of Character Creation it states, that the spell casting bonus applies to two things:

  • The Spell DC for the spell (you add this to your stat and 10 and get the DC)
  • The attack from the spell. If the spell makes an attack you add this to the attack roll.

The melee/ranged attack modifier also only applies to the to-hit. It does not apply to the damage.

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