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How I am supposed to combine these two pieces of information?

From the description of the bracers:

When worn by a paladin, he is considered four levels higher for the purposes of determining the uses per day and healing provided by his lay on hands class feature.

From the Paladin class Feature:

When a paladin reaches 4th level, she gains the supernatural ability to channel positive energy like a cleric. Using this ability consumes two uses of her lay on hands ability. A paladin uses her level as her effective cleric level when channeling positive energy.

May I deduce that the +4 from the bracers also affects the effective cleric level needed to use Channel Energy?

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Not by RAW, no

Though the Channel Energy ability consumes uses of Lay on Hands, it is not Lay on Hands. As a result, the bracers do not affect Channel Energy directly. However, they will still grant additional uses of Lay on Hands, which you're free to spend howsoever you wish (such as, say, by fueling Channel Energy).

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Also, if you really prefer it the other way, you can simply houserule it. – Dakeyras Jun 4 '13 at 20:26

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