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In Traveller the Imperium charted space is a small portion of the galaxy. In the T5 book, the Galaxy map (page 417) has Abyssals and Denizens west of Core, Dushis Kurisi North of Core, Essaray east of Core, The Barren Arm south east of Core and Core Sophonts in the Core.

What else is out there and who are all those listed but unexplained sections?

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Welcome to the site. This is a nice question that I think does not falls foul of the "asking for a list" as you are asking for source material that defines it. +1 to get you going. – Sardathrion Jun 7 '13 at 13:04
Too bad there really is nothing but what's in the core, and a few throw away references. – aramis Jun 8 '13 at 1:17
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Far Future released this short PDF called The Galaxiad that provides sketchy information on names mentioned in the Traveller Galaxy. Marc Miller explains more in this Kickstarter Post.

Integral with the creation of Traveller5 has been the construction of the Galaxiad… a multi season epic adventure exploring the Galaxy, encountering new intelligences (and even that word is misleading), history, background, dangers, and threats, all with your characters at the center.

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There is little written about anything other than the roughly dozen fully detailed sectors, and the UWP generated 40 sectors or so. And much of that material isn't fully canonical.

The material in T5 was a surprise to most of the playtesters, including me. And for what its worth, aside from Marc Miller, Rob Eaglestone and Don McKinney, almost no one has any clue, and Rob and Don aren't saying.

The CT AM Zhodani notes that the Zhodani have penetrated more than 4000 parsecs coreward... (It's about 8000 parsecs to the core from Earth. 200 Sectors.) shows the Zhodani Core Route, along with a mixture of dot-map and generated map systems the whole way.

From AM4: Zhodani, p. 10.

Vlanchiets Qlom: Vlanchiets Qlom includes all Zhodani territory beyond Chtierabl sector- approximately thirty subsector and partial subsector-sized areas reaching 600 parsecs toward the core. It also includes a handful of bases established by core expeditions, some as far as halfway to the core. Portions of this province are as much as fifty years away from Zhdant at jump-4.

There is mention of a Solomani Rimward exploration as well, but its in Solomani & Aslan, by DGP, and may no longer be canon.

The stuff that doesn't touch the 3I hasn't been defined other than what's in the T5 Rulebook, excepting, as noted, the Core Expeditions reach.

Note that some fan initiatives have generated some data on distant locations; none of which is canon, tho' some is informed by canon strongly.

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