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What are the major differences between West End Games' d6-based Star Wars TRPG 2nd Edition. and Star Wars TRPG 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded?

Is the latter seriously better? If so, why? Are the two compatible? Can they be used simultaneously, with mild moderation?

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The Rules Upgrade (transcribed from Star Wars Adventure Journal, issue 11) that WEG released would probably have the most complete listing of what actually changed. The blurb at the top states:

Aside from the extensive physical makeover of the book, as well as the inclusion of a much needed index, there were only a few changes to the game system.

With which I am inclined to agree. The actual differences are small, mostly clarifications and errata.

I personally prefer the R&E over 2ed because of the additional clarifications. I wouldn't try to use them together, as they are not strictly 'compatible' ( less so than D&D 3e to 3.5, which is comparatively a much larger revision ) because most things that are changed are changed in small or subtle ways. As for using other 2ed source books, i.e. not the core book, I have yet to run into any problems with it, though I tweaked a couple of the powers to bring them more in line with the others.

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+1 for saying what I was about to. It think it's worth nothing that R&E is a prettier, more usable book - the index, for a start. There's little difference as a game, but as a publication the R&E is much improved. –  Tynam Jun 16 '13 at 7:29
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