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I found the Wintertouched feat in D&D 4e, which grants you combat advantage against foes that are weak to cold. I'm wondering though, is there a version that gives you combat advantage if a foe is weak against fire?

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Wintertouched is a UNIQUE and powerful feat. It's one of the main reasons cold damage is so popular in 4e. – user8743 Jul 1 '13 at 2:29
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Wintertouched's exact phrasing is this:

When attacking a creature that is vulnerable to cold, you gain combat advantage when you use a power that has the cold keyword.

I searched the Compendium's feats list for "combat advantage fire", and "vulnerable fire". There were only three results for each and they weren't Fire versions of Wintertouched.

Since a Fire version isn't in the Compendium, which is a comprehensive database of almost* everything rules-wise in D&D, it probably doesn't exist.

You could make one up, though!

* To my knowledge the only thing they didn't document thoroughly was the Red Box player's book. It's safe to assume it contains basically everything else.

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