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In order to let my eidolons wear armor, I would have to take the required feats, correct? For example, if I custom made plate mail for my large Behir, he would need to take light, medium, and heavy armor proficiencies?

I ask because I thought you could armor a war horse with custom made armor, and they are incapable of taking feats of their own. Need to be sure before I dump a lot of coin in something that can't immediately be used.

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Eidolons cannot wear armor even after taking proficiency feats.

From the d20pfsrd website:

Armor Bonus

The number noted here is the eidolon’s base total armor bonus. This bonus may be split between an armor bonus and a natural armor bonus, as decided by the summoner. This number is modified by the eidolon’s base form and some options available through its evolution pool. An eidolon cannot wear armor of any kind, as the armor interferes with the summoner’s connection to the eidolon.

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