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In the Deathwatch Core Rule book, the paragraph describing Focus Power Test states:

A Focus Power test is a Willpower Test that determines whether a functions successful. The amount of time it takes to make this test is determined by the power being used and may be a Free Action, Half Action, Full Action or Reaction. In most cases, passing a Focus Power Test simply means that the power has manifested, while failing the test means that it has not. However, degrees of success or failure may also play a part depending on the type and nature of the power being used. Many powers also indicate an Opposed Willpower Test, especially when used against an unwilling foe. In these cases, the Opposed Test is also the Focus Power Test, and even if the psyker scores better than his opponent but does not roll under his Willpower, the power will still fail. You may add a bonus to your Focus Power Test equal to 5 times the Psy Rating used for the power. A Focus Power roll of 91-00 always fails.

Does this apply to all Focus Power Tests, or just to opposed tests?

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Going by your quote (which was not changed in the errata), 5xPR bonus applies to each and every Focus Power test.

For example, rank 1 Librarian with WP 54 and Psi Rating 3, who pushes to PR 6, has to roll under 54 (WP) + 0 (Focus Power test is Challenging by default) +5*6 (PR) = 84.

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So, my rank 1 Librarian with a 54 WP (2 advancements) and 3 PR, who constantly pushes his power (increasing to PR 6) succeeds on any roll under 84? – ChargingPun Jul 26 '13 at 13:00
Exactly. Updated the answer with your example. Do remember, though, that pushing ascertains psychic phenomena and, therefore, you will roll on Perils table once per 4 invocations, since 1st rank Librarian does not have any perils-related talents. Consequences may be grave. – Jeor Mattan Jul 26 '13 at 16:54
Yeah, I know. In 1 short game, I knocked myself out and summonded a vortex of doom (2 separate events). Also, I took the Rite of Sanctioning to minimize the effect of psychic phenomena. – ChargingPun Jul 26 '13 at 17:01
I've added the entire paragraph on Focus Power Tests. If I were the one running the game, I would say (based on the context) that it only applies during opposed checks. – ChargingPun Jul 26 '13 at 17:07
That could be an interesting house rule, though rules as written state pretty clearly that you apply the bonus to every Focus Power Test, opposed or not. – Jeor Mattan Jul 28 '13 at 19:26

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