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One of the players in our campaign has a 6th level Favored Soul. They have selected Versatile Spellcaster as their next feat; it reads:

You can use two spell slots of the same level to cast a spell you know that is one level higher. For example, a sorcerer with this feat can expend two 2nd-level spell slots to cast any 3rd-level spell [they know]. -- source

Does this effect chain? In other words, could the Favored Soul expend:

((Lv0 + Lv0 -> Lv1) + Lv1 -> Lv2) + Lv2 -> Lv3

to gain a level 3 spell? It would expend two level 0, one level 1, and one level 2, but would be extremely powerful at higher levels.

How does this work, and is this an acceptable use of Versatile Spellcaster? If so, are there any balance concerns to be aware of?

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No, Versatile Spellcaster does not "chain" in this way.

There is not much in the way of rules text for this feat, but part of it is that the character uses two spell slots to cast a spell.

The thing that makes chaining impossible is that there is a difference between having a spell slot and casting a spell. Versatile Spellcaster only grants the latter, not a spell slot that can be used to fuel another use of the feat.

There are quite a few interesting and supremely powerful things this feat can do, but chaining is not one of them.

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