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The rules concerning the items are simple, but the way the items are created is not clear (i take my informations from the 20th anniversary edition)

The vampire can create a simple form (in the case i'm considering a wooden stake) without rolling and can spend 3 blood points to make it permanent.

My question is: where does the object appear? I guess they cannot summon an item from a hundred meters away, but should another vampire be close, say five meters, could the Tremere vampire summon a wooden stake in the other vampire's heart? Or inside his pocket to hide the fact that it's been summoned?

Given the circumstances it could be very tricky but powerful, though I would understand if it's considered too much.

I wonder if there's an "official" explanation in a rulebook somewhere or if it's only up to the storyteller.

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Reading the book and applying the rules as read there are no rules stating where you can create the object. So yes, it is a decision of the storyteller.

Even more, it doesn’t state that you cannot conjure something inside something else (like a wooden stake inside a vampire heart), although, it doesn’t state that you can neither. The only thing merely related is the ‘Out of thin air’ in the background explanation of the path.

The book is quite big so it could be that somewhere there are more rules about this, but, if this is the case, I haven’t find them.

As I played and storytelled a few Tremere over the years I can only tell you that, in my experience, the Tremere conjured things within arm’s reach, or sometimes within sight reach, depending on your or your storyteller view, and always in ‘empty’ space.

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Of your two ideas, the notion of conjuring a thing inside a solid object is pretty outrageous. Disciplines that affect the inside of things — like Cauldron of Blood — tend to say so explicitly. I don't think there needs to be a rule saying you cannot do it; it's pretty clear that's not what the power's for.

As for summoning an item in a pocket? That seems reasonable, presuming the Concealability rating of the item is P.

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Downvoting for the lack of actually answering the question. OP asked for "official" rulings, not "this sounds outrageous" and "this seems reasonable". I don't disagree with those judgements, but it's not the answer asked for. –  Ryno Aug 12 '13 at 5:12
Upvoting. When a RPG rule don't say something explicitly, what we have left is common sense and the comparison with other rules to understand "the spirit of the rules". If some situation is always warned on the rules, the lack of warning can be interpreted as the situation not applying. –  Flamma Aug 12 '13 at 8:38
The difference between this answer and the one with positive score is this: The positive answer explicitly states "There is no official answer, here's the best judgement from applying other parts of RAW." It also comes from experience running and playing the game. (Not to say you don't have such experience Jadasc, but you don't reference it here) –  Ryno Aug 15 '13 at 16:27
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