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Are there devices in the canonical Shadowrun universe that explicitly fuse magic with technology? A real node where magic and machine not just meet but become one?

Disclaimer: I haven't finished reading SR5 yet, and have only vague recollections of SR2 - the last edition we played - so forgive me if the answer is obvious... but do give me a pointer, a page number or a term to look for(ward to). I know there's technomancy in there, but it doesn't seem like an answer to my question... or am I mistaken?

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Technomancers use Resonance, which is to cyberspace what magic is to meatspace. –  Kyle Willey Aug 25 '13 at 3:12
You mean like building robots that could host spirits in them and allow them to walk the Earth? Never heard of it. - Some megacorp supersecret lab researcher. –  MrJinPengyou Aug 26 '13 at 17:47
Are you interested only in canonical objects or also ways to create them ? –  Trajan Aug 30 '13 at 11:57

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One thing that comes to mind are Cyberzombies. Their creation is pretty much a fusion of cyberware and magic (and a metahuman, but there's usually not much of that left, after the process is done).

I don't think that they are mentioned in SR5 at all (at least not in the core book, I'm sure an upcoming source book will fix this).

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They're a fusion, but they end up kind of anti-magical, so I'm not sure this counts. It's almost like you take away even more magic than normal in order to get cyberzombies. –  Ichoran Aug 26 '13 at 1:37
Really not technically machines, especially if you look at the whole metaphysics of it; yes, it's cyberware and magic in conjunction, but it's really just trapping the cyberzombie's spirit inside their body using magic and forcing memories back into their biological brain using cyberware; there's not a direct interaction between the two. –  Kyle Willey Aug 29 '13 at 15:55

Yes and no. There are machines that can use magical elements, i.e. something that's got anchored magic, alchemy, or magical materials (many new things like this were introduced in 4e) will have a magical effect that could be used as part of a machine, but only tangentially; the only way machines can interact with magic would be using something like an anchored spell to trigger a machine using a physical effect. For instance, you could anchor a spell to go off using a quickened detection spell that would then cause a shotgun firing shot with anchored spells on it into whatever set off the spell, but you couldn't actually make a shotgun that could anchor a Death Touch spell on its projectiles.

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There were a few minor items of 'Manatech' in SR4. Have a look through the Arsenal p 64-67.

Also: SR4 - Anniversary Edition page 264 - Biofibers - a simple living wall that prevents mages from astrally projecting/perceiving through it.

That all said, there is not to my recollection anything that explicitly fuses a computer node with magic. Technomacers and Resonance is subtle hinted as a 'magic' for the matrix, but it's far from an explicit link in the cannon. (E.g. Technomancers can't also be mages is probably a game-balance thing more than a metaplot element.)

Personally, I find it's a great area to explore in a home campaign, since there isn't much explicitly laid-out in the books.

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