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So, my friend and I (I'm a girl, he is a guy) are role players. We have done a lot of games, so we need new ideas. We have done games that revolve around skyrim, fantasy, and other things. Some more examples are zombies, mobsters, mutants, angels and demons, soul reapers, mythological creatures, etc. So we are running low on game ideas. They don't have to revolve around a manga or anime. Anyone have ideas???

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Welcome to the site! Please take a look at the tour and the help; they're a useful introduction to the site. For example, Stack Exchange is not a forum and focuses on questions that have clear answers. Since every answer to this question would be equally valid, I'm afraid it's a poor fit for the site's format. Once you have 20+ rep, feel free to join the chat--it's less formalized and we'd be happy to give you ideas there! –  BESW Aug 28 '13 at 22:57
@Jessica I second BESW's chat recommendation. Your question is too much of a list or opinion question without any real qualifiers to work as a question on the site. –  Joshua Aslan Smith Aug 29 '13 at 11:57
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