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D&D 4th edition has the Compendium, a complete searchable index of all official WotC content.

Is there something similar for D&D 3.5 material?

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Assume you mean more than simply (which is only the Open Game Licensed content)? I think not . . . But it might be worth clarifying what you are looking for in more detail. – Neil Slater Sep 11 '13 at 16:31
Ah, you mean a searchable index of the contents of all material, not just a searchable index of all 3.5 materials themselves. My bad for not reading more carefully! I've deleted my answer. – SevenSidedDie Sep 11 '13 at 16:41

No. It's unfortunate too, as 3.5 has a lot of material. Unfortunately it came out before WOTC really adopted the Internet and so they never consolidated everything.

The closest things I know of are:

  1. d20 SRD website, which is complete for SRD available material, including errata updates (and has nothing that isn't SRD material).
  2. D&D Tools, which is a not-complete but still quite in-depth searchable source for spells, feats, classes, and the like. (Note that copyright issues make this site illegal in a lot of jurisdictions, and has a disclaimer about not using it if you don't own the book in question.)
  3. IMarvinTPA's database, which is also searchable and has a lot of stuff.

D&D Wiki also has some stuff, but it has homebrew mixed in with officially released content, so be careful when using that for official material.

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