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I've been looking for a few weeks now, I've read a lot of the book and have tried searching online, but I haven't been able to find anything. I'd be pretty happy with an answer either way, it's just not really mentioned.

It's probably mostly a Black Crusade thing. I doubt many of the other games would have the issue come up often, but I have a 12 Strength bonus at the moment(Inclusive of unnatural) and I'm thinking it makes sense that I could, but also it might be game breaking if I did.

EDIT: I mean wielding 2, 2 handed Weapons. 1 in each hand. Its probably more a question of can I wield a 2 handed weapon 1 handed.

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I’m not familiar with the system, so this might be a dumb question, but: I assume that somewhere in here you have the ability to wield a two-handed weapon in one hand? Or else four hands, I suppose. You should clarify if you mean dual wielding two-handers in one hand apiece, dual wielding two-handers with four arms, or maybe even some weird rule interaction where you wield both two-handers with both hands; Schrödinger’s zweihanders, if you will. –  KRyan Sep 16 '13 at 18:28
Edited above for clarity, but I mean 2 2 handed weapons, one in each hand, I guess the question is more, is it possible to use a 2 handed weapon 1 handed. –  Roathgar Sep 16 '13 at 23:48
Do you want answers from all the WH40k texts or just Black Crusade? I contemplated making a character like this just for giggles in Dark Heresy but it seems to be impossible, but each of the games is pretty different in feel and FFG designs them as such. For the most part, in both Dark Heresy and Only War (the two I'm experienced with) Strength serves as the pre-requisite for a very limited set of strength-related traits that allow these things, and you'd need special training offered exclusively by certain classes to dual wield even one-handed weapons effectively. –  Kyle Willey Sep 19 '13 at 21:55
@Roathgar in case you didn't think of this, have you analysed: what is your lifting limit? What is the strength rating of creatures one size larger than you? What size weapons can they handle? If you get the figures, i think an informed assumption can be reached –  ReaperOscuro Oct 15 '13 at 21:17
@ReaperOscuro thats a very good point and no I hadnt considered it, Ill be checking that when I get home. –  Roathgar Oct 17 '13 at 7:43

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The first answer that comes to mind is: Yes, if you're a Space Marine wielding two-handed weapons designed for normal people.

That's less from a rules perspective, and more from a thematic one. You might be strong enough to wield a zweihander one-handed, but directing it is another matter - two hands gives you control as well as power. A Space Marine has power-armour that assists with grip and control - as well as being larger than a normal person to begin with.

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After a lengthy search, including the other game-lines in the 40kRPG series, I would surmise that NO, you cannot dual wield two-handed weapons. Especially in terms of Deathwatch, and the somewhat limited wargear options, dual wielding two Power Claymores would quickly make that character more powerful than any other melee fighter, making it a game-winning strategy.

Furthermore, the lore supports the idea that dual wielding two-handed weapons is a very rare trait - the only mention I can think of is Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters. Considering he was a Primarch (and probably the strongest of their number) so instantly far larger than a normal Space Marine, it makes sense for him to be able to do it, like a Space Marine can easily dual wield 2 human-sized great weapons.

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The answer is no, it is not covered in the core rules.

As the rules (well, the Deathwatch rules which are akin to Dark Crusade) cover in detail the game mechanical effects of dual wielding, and they make no mention of the option for "larger" weapons one handed. The same rules have two handed great-swords used by some marine chapters, and they are wielded two-handed. In the absence of a R.A.W. citation, I'd say no to allowing it. Your group can always say yes obviously.

Remember too that a marine's standard sword is probably the size of a normal person's great weapon, so a chainsword or energy blade is already probably 5+ feet long, and the marine can only use them because they are 8-10 feet tall and greatly enhanced by the gene-seed.

I also think a high Strength score is not enough of a justification alone for using a weapon that large one-handed. The holder will have problems with leverage, strain, physical coordination, etc. Even space marine powered armor is probably not enough of a boost to allow it.

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Alright, let me answer this from a lore and logic point of view, as well as taking realistic circumstances into account.

As already mentioned by ironboundtome, Space Marine weapons are already larger than those of reuglar humans to make up for their size, this means that a Space Marine chainsword is probably too heavy to be used by any kind of human in one hand, and probably not even with two hands unless he is the new hulk of the imperium.

Now, by means of Strength it should be no problem for a space marine to simply carry two large weapons, however, it should be a problem to use them continiously. If we look at the animations of Space Marines in like, let's say the Space Marine video game (not saying its a good source of perfectly researched lore and such, just taking it as an example) then you can clearly see that when wielding two handed weapons they don't fling them arround like little toys.

Even if Strength wouldn't be a problem- have you ever tried to use two two-handed wooden swords as a kid? Fighting with two weapons is a hard enough task as it is- now taking into consideration how LONG those are in this example it gets really hard. Once you get swing into a heavy object it logically takes time to stop it, or change its direction, this gets even worse the longer the weapon gets which is why they usually have a larger handle to use both hands at once in order to be able to use the 2nd hand to direct the weapon and movements of it.

However, I think it depends on the weapon, and how the character intends to use it. I for myself would probably allow it, but make it harder to use both weapons as it is obviously a more difficult task than simply attacking with two normal sized weapons.

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