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My PCs have an upcoming bottle with an Elder Polyp (Tome of Horrors III 10). The monster is copied into an adventure path I'm running and has 4 tentacles. The Elder Polyp does not have Combat Reflexes or a similar feat that provides attacks of opportunity, but it does have 4 tentacles.

Should each tentacle be given its own attack of opportunity, or would it still only be one attack of opportunity per round for the creature?

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One attack of opportunity a round.

Consider a player playing a hypothetical broody drow dual-wielding matched scimitars: if they asked for two AoO because they have two swords, you'd probably say no without hesitation. The Polyp is no different: lacking any special abilities that say otherwise, merely having extra attacking limbs doesn't grant more than one AoO.

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If it does not have combat reflexes and does not state anywhere in the stat block that it gets extra attacks of opportunity, it only gets 1.

The Flying polyp has 4 tentacles and specifically needs combat reflexes to give it more opportunity attacks:

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