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I have a level 1 Magus. I'm planning for them to become an Arcane Archer in the future and wish to use Bow Spirit abundantly. How could one achieve this? Once or twice per day will do.

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The easiest method (but an expensive one) would be to purchase a wand of Bow Spirit, which costs 30,000gp. If you are playing in a campaign wherein you can get items created for you (using the Core Rules Magic Item Creation section), you could get an item that could cast the spell twice a day for only a bit more than the wand:

Command Word/2 Use/day item formula
Spell Level: 4
Caster Level: 13
Base Cost: 1,800
Twice/Day: 2.5
Total Cost: 4 × 13 × 1,8000/2.5 = 37,440gp

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And by "get a wand" I assume you mean "get a wand and then put a lot of skill ranks into Use Magic Device so you can activate it with a DC20 check?" – mxyzplk Oct 7 '13 at 11:52

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