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A drone I have not jumped in has a Pilot rating of 3 and a maximum Targeting of 6, this is a 9 Dice Pool for shooting. How can I increase it? I was not able to find anything like this in the rulebook, but I see two ways:

  1. Increase Pilot value of the drone, but how do I do that?
  2. Add additional modifiers, like Smartgun, Targeting Scope, Tracer. Do these apply?

Active Targeting can be used to decrease the chances of the defender, but then you get back to the original problem, Pilot + Clearsight = 9 at best, vs something around 9-12. Not really good chances, and you wasted a Simple Action.

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To answer the question simply, not yet. Smartgun systems and laser sights are the most you can use.

I answered this in another question, but your main point of a rigger is not to be gunning people down. At least not until we get better drones, hardware, software, ect. from splat books. You are support and should use your numbers in your favor.

Right now, there is no way to build your drones better. So buy more drones, link them into a group, RCC them a Targeting 6, and have them all create zone control. Covering fire from four drones will make ANYONE take cover. Especially with LMGs. But if you're wanting to snipe with a drone, your best bet here is to jump in and do it yourself. You will always be better then your drones, hands down. You can't expect a drone to be throwing as many dice as you.

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It is not clear to me whether a drone on its own can benefit from smartgun. I found no clear statement on this in the rulebook, Smart Firing Platform only mentiones the rigger can use smartgun. – András Oct 25 '13 at 10:20
With the rules the way they are right now, it's hard to get a full answer on some things. However, I use what I understand about the systems that I have. Smartgun systems add firing calculations to a person that allows them to determine when and where to fire a weapon. Basically, a HUD for the shooter. In a drone's case, the 'shooter' is the Targeting program which is running with a Smartgun system. I see no reason why it can't integrate. As someone designing a Smartgun system, I would be stupid to NOT allow it to integrate with a drone's Targeting autosoft. Check with your DM. YMMV. – CrystalBlue Oct 25 '13 at 11:54
It just seems counterintuitive that you can use a drone without smartgun at all, so I assumed the current values already include it. – András Oct 25 '13 at 12:19
That is a good point. However, with that logic in mind, you would have to assume every gun that is mounted on a drone is smartlinked. If that was the case, the price of a gun that goes onto a drone would have to include a smartlink system, which is not specified in the rules. Rules As Intended, you're right. Rules As Written, though, doesn't specify, which is why it's a grey area. It's your DM's call at that one. – CrystalBlue Oct 25 '13 at 15:50

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