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I am looking for an 18-20 bow or crossbow for my Magus 8 / Arcane Archer 10 Although I expect it to be x2, if it is x3, that would be phenomenal.

Alternatively a 20 x4 bow.

I have the feat to burn for it.

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As far as I can tell, there are no Pathfinder missile weapons with a crit range better than 19-20. Firearms do generally have a x4 crit multiplier though, if this helps - they are in Ultimate Combat, the Inner Sea World Guide, and Ultimate Equipment.

Update : there are some technological weapons in the Technology Guide with an 18-20/x2, and 20/x4 critical ranges. They're still not bows, and are Exotic weapons to boot, AND have a basic cost measured in the tens of thousands...

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There actually are ranged weapons with an 18-20/X2 or a 20/X4 critical code, but they are all firearms from the technology guide. The Nuclear Resonator (18-20/X2), X-Laser (probably the best option, 20/X4), and Railgun (20/X4) are the weapons, if you're interested. They aren't bows or crossbows though. – the dark wanderer Oct 31 '14 at 0:22

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