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I am trying to create an object in Herolab for pathfinder that grants an untyped strength bonus. What I am starting from is

<thing id="ioHBSTR2" name="Hero Bonus, +2 STR" description="+2 Bonus to STR" compset="Wondrous">
 <usesource source="primetown"/>
 <tag group="Helper" tag="EquipMag"/>
 <tag group="Helper" tag="ShowSpec"/>
 <tag group="gType" tag="Wonder"/>
 <tag group="Helper" tag="EquipAvail"/>
 <eval phase="First">#enhancementbonus[hero.child[aSTR], 2]</eval>
 <!-- <eval phase="First">#bonus[hero.child[aSTR], 2]</eval> -->

This gives an enhancement bonus. The commented line is my attempt to convert it to an untyped bonus, which gives an error.

How do I convert this to an untyped bonus?

As a more general question, is there a document that says "these are the expressions that you can put into a script for hero lab?

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These tutorials may help. They don't indicate the # shortcut you can use, but there's a bit about writing it out the long way in the 201 tutorial. – SevenSidedDie Nov 9 '13 at 1:13
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You could try:

hero.child[[aSTR].field[Bonus].value = hero.child[[aSTR].field[Bonus].value + 2

I don´t have my herolab right here so I can´t test it right now.

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