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Can people actually see spells in the meat space world? Which might end up breaking it down to the individual spell as I would believe that physical combat spells such as fireball would obviously be seen. Where as the manipulation spell influence would not leave any sort of trace [save for astrally]. But what about mana combat spells like mana bolt?

And how would a spell like Improved invisibility effect the visibility of the spell?

Thanks Chummers!

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"Can people actually see spells in the meat space world?"

"Noticing magic is a Simple Perception + Intuition [Mental] Test with a threshold equal to..." + "Obviously, if a magician is throwing fire from his fingertips, you’re probably going to notice without making a test. But if the magic is subtle, then you have to pick up some dice."

  • p.280-281 "Perceiving Magic", SR5

The same section brings up manabolt as an example. :)

"This spell makes the subject more difficult to detect by normal visual senses" + "Invisibility affects the minds of viewers. Improved Invisibility mimics the subject’s surroundings from all angles and affects technological sensors as well."

  • p.291, "Improved Invisibility", SR5

I think an attack spell is not part of the "subject" here. Also, I don't think spells have only a visual component.

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Ok I think we took this and made some modifiers to house rule it up a bit. I had forgotten about the magic perception. – John Nov 13 '13 at 12:09

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