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I am a LV10 Razorclaw DEX Ranger heading towards the Battlefield Archer Path with the frostcheese combo.

Our DM declared that as of Lv11 we will be allowed to choose a BG and Theme - as long as it matches our (still to be written) background story.

I thought that Sohei would be a great choice due to it's bonus to Perception and Insight, as I am the party's only trained Perception char. However it's encounter power only offers a minor 'melee' attack, is this minute enough to overlook?

As for the other, I am leaning towards "Occupation - Hunter" for the +2 Perception bonus.

Which BG and Theme would be worth considering for a DEX ranger?

I wield a Superior Crossbow, have the speedloader feat and mix up hit and run tactics with high ground and sniper.

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Outlaw goes great with Ranger, and it is quite powerful.

The encounter power of Outlaw requires a weapon at-will attack power, which you should be using anyway (Twin Strike), and combat advantage that you have from frost cheese. The daze is only good of course if you do not kill the target on your first turn.
Also it is easy to explain in the background.

A Seer is a bit harder, but the Perception reroll might be worth it.

Unfortunately most of the themes provide bonuses for melee combatants only, so you do not have a big selection.

If you do not need access to a specific Skill that a Background could provide, I suggest you take Trained from Birth for a Specific Prophecy. One of the strongest backgrounds. If your DM does not like it, take anything that gives +2 to Perception tests, like Goblin Foe.

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OUtlaw definetly looks like it has some good synergy and adds some pre-defined flavor to my char. What Background would you suggest? –  Exo Waltz Nov 19 '13 at 11:42
@ExoWaltz if no backgrounds are prohibited then Auspicious Birth/Born under a Bad Sign is a good one, though a bit wasted on a ranged ranger. –  wax eagle Nov 19 '13 at 13:04
If your DM uses Skill challenges, +2 to an untrained skill which you have a decent ability bonus to may also be a good option for a background. –  Brian S Nov 19 '13 at 14:28
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