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I'm new to Pathfinder (haven't event looked at RPGs since D&D 2e) and I've been investigating the concept of mass combat for a campaign I'm thinking about creating.

I guess Ultimate Campaign is a bit new(?), but does anyone know of any software tools that are being created or planned to help manage this new ruleset?

I know the question is pathfinder-specific but if there is something for D&D3.5 or 4e that might be interesting.

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It's okay to be Pathfinder-specific! There's no need to artificially broaden your question; and besides, 4e is entirely incompatible with every other edition of D&D and 3.5 doesn't have a similar mass combat system, so software aimed at them wouldn't help. – SevenSidedDie Dec 1 '13 at 18:51
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Yes, there is support for it (and all the other stuff in Ultimate Campaign) in Hero Lab. See this Wolf Lair forum post for what and where it is in the program.

Hero Lab is expensive, but running Pathfinder without it is like stabbing yourself in the leg repeatedly. It makes NPC creation and management, and applying status and stuff in combat, so nice.

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You could always use a spreadsheet or make a pack of note cards with names of the characters on them, recording notes as you go along through the pack in order.

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