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Been fooling around with my artificer character, who has Eldritch Fusillade Expertise, which among other things states the following:

"Draw or stow a wand and load crossbow as free action."

Now a little known fact (PHB 242) about wands in 4e is that you can craft them with any encounter or encounter-utility spell, turning them into a magic item daily use ability.

Let's say I created a wand with the wizard spell "Shield", which is an immediate interrupt. In order to use the wand as an interrupt, would I need to be holding it in my hand when attacked, or could I have it in my character's pack or holster and draw it as part of the immediate interrupt "round"?

To use a magic item's power do you have to be "Wielding" it or just have it on your person?

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You have to Wield every item in the appropriate slot, so amulets in the neck, weapon and implements in the hand and so on, except for Holy Symbols, Ki focuses, and Wondrous items, those are slotless, but you have to carry them on yor person.

You can not interrupt your action with a free action, unless a power specifically tells you so. A famous example is Swordmage Warding, you can not put your other hand on the hilt of your Versatile Longsword for an Opportunity attack for +1 damage. Similarly, you can not interrupt the Interrupt of Shield with a free action.

The Quick Draw feat is the only way to do this, as it says:

as part of the same action

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From PHB 267 a free action states "...you can take as many free actions as you want during your turn or another combatants turn."

From PHB 268 an interrupt action states "an immediate interrupt lets you jump in when a certain trigger condition arises, acting before the trigger resolves. If an interrupt invalidates a triggering action, that action is lost."

From PHB 269 it says under "Actions on Other Turns" that you can do free actions, immediate actions and opportunity actions".

With all of this together I think your defensive idea would work as intended. First you would use a free action to drop your weapon from your main hand. Then you would use the free action to draw your wand into your main hand. Then you would use the immediate interrupt encounter power on the wand.

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I just read the full definition of eldritch fusillade expertise that says that "you can also draw or stow a wand once per round as a free action on your turn, and you can load a crossbow as a free action". The on your turn part makes the above unachievable. –  silversociety Dec 27 '13 at 8:01
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