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I know that Dervish Dance adds scimitar to the list. Are there other feats that expand the set of weapons one can use finesse with? I'm particularly curious I'd there are ways to get a bastard sword or 2H weapon to be a finesse weapon, but interested in other options too.

(Feel free to mention non-feat ways of expanding the list too, if you know of them.)

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@lisardggY - That's really, really incorrect. In a pitched mass battle a greatsword (or claymore, or flamberge, or...) would be a hacking weapon used to slay horses; however, in more personal battles the use of a greatsword bears a striking resemblance to using a quarterstaff or polearm, using the blade for leverage against enemies and striking primarily with the pommel and your mailed fists. 's not the Greatsword's fault that Pathfinder is absolute garbage at modeling real-world combat. –  Lord_Gareth Jan 1 at 7:17
@Lord_Gareth The d&d "greatsword" definition, inherited by all its variants, came probably from the earlier real world greatswords, heavier and longer longswords variants designed to be used against plate armor users and that relied in brute-force thusting more than slashing, as they lacked a keen edge. Improved sword making technologies in late middle ages and Renaissance produced ligther greatswords with much better balance, and a functional edge, that allowed a figting style like the one you described. –  MACN Jan 1 at 10:45
I think at least the seed of this idea came to me from Iron Heroes, where the bastard sword is a finesse weapon (so long as you have the exotic weapon proficiency). –  Jeff Fry Jan 2 at 3:07
Honestly, if you're the DM I don't think anything would go hideously wrong if you just let Weapon Finesse and/or Shadow Blade apply to any weapon. If not...well, I'm sorry about your luck, friend. –  Lord_Gareth Jan 2 at 22:24

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At the moment, none

Pathfinder is super leery about being able to Finesse weapons or add Dexterity to damage with them, and Dervish Dance remains the only feat support for expanding the Finesse list.


Paizo's promised a feat solution for this in their upcoming Advanced Class Guide, though from what I gathered during the playtest it'll only work for one-handed weapons. Still, worth looking into!

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You have dueling swords for a second two handed weapon usable with finesse, apart from the elven curve blade. Also, Ultimate Equipment gave the sword cane the ability to be used with finesse. Could not find other weapons from official sources that would be eligible for finesse, with or without feat.

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