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Are there ways for a character to employ forced movement without using any powers, feats or items of the sort? By that I mean using exclusively skill and ability checks.

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The Bull Rush is the first thing that comes to mind when you ask this question. (I think Brian Ballsun-Stanton's comment is foreshadowing this), which requires a charge attack.


  • Target: You can bull rush a target adjacent to you that is smaller than you, the same size category as you, or one category larger than you.

  • Strength Attack: Make a Strength attack vs. Fortitude defense. Do not add any modifiers for the weapon you use. Hit: Push the target 1 square, and shift into the vacated space.

  • Impossible Push: If there’s no square you can push the target into, your bull rush has no effect.


  • Strength Attack: Make a Strength attack vs. Fortitude. Do not add any weapon modifiers. Hit: Move up to half your speed and pull the grabbed target with you.

Beyond those, I can't find any untrained ways to move someone (IE powers, feats, etc.) short of Bankuei's reference to DMG1, p42 for improvised actions, the example of which includes a push type action.

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+1 Bull Rush and Move a Grabbed Target are the only untrained ways I'm aware of too! – doppelgreener Jan 7 '14 at 9:27
Bull Rush doesn't require a charge attack as far as I'm aware (although that's the most common use of it that I've seen). DDI's glossary entry for Bull Rush mentions no such requirement, either. – Brian S Jan 7 '14 at 14:19

"Page 42"

D&D4E's pg. 42 of the DMG has guidelines for stunts. The general gist is that as players come up with random stunts, the GM can assign a stat to attack with, a defense stat for it to go against, an amount of damage, and conditions.

"I roll a barrel down the stairs at the goblins" - could/should easily result in forced movement (down the stairs).

Of course, this depends on what objects/terrain is available, the monster(s) you're fighting, and the GM's ruling about each particular stunt you're doing.

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