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I am wondering because lets say I rolled the Stats 34 WS 41 BS 38 S 33 T 40 Ag 30 Int 34 Per 40 WP and 36 Fel If i picked the Hive World as my starting world I would get -5 T and +5 Fel, would I change my character sheet so the T field would be 28 and my Fel field to 41 on my character sheet or would i keep a note some where that it is -5 T and +5 Fel?

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I don't have my rulebook with me, but off the top of my head, you'd change the stats. After all, your homeworld is not going to change over the course of the campaign.. –  GMJoe Jan 13 at 3:14

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You would change the base stats. Homeworld adjustments are not advances purchased with XP.

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