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The pfsrd states that,

whenever a magus casts a spell with a range of “touch” from the magus spell list, he can deliver the spell through any weapon he is wielding as part of a melee attack.

One of his magus arcana lets him make an energy touch attack, but it's a supernatural ability, not a spell per se. Does it still work with his Spellstrike ability? That is, can I deliver this energy attack through my weapon?

magus page:

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There are two separate questions here, and they have two different answers.

Regarding the first question, whether or not Pool Strike counts as a "touch spell": No. Pool strike is not a spell of any kind, touch or otherwise, and nothing in its text or any of the other Magus text changes that.

Regarding the second question, whether or not it can be used with Spellstrike: Yes. Pool Strike's text explicitly states that it does work with Spellstrike. This does not make Pool Strike a spell, it simply overrides the requirement for it to be one, so that these abilities can still be used together, despite Pool Strike not being a spell.

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No and yes. No, it is not a touch spell but yes, it works with Spellstrike.

Essentially Spellstrike allows you to unleash Pool Strike damage with every melee attack as long as you have just one point of arcane power left in your pool.

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The quote in the question states pretty explicitly that it only applies “whenever a magus casts a spell,” which are not words that apply to supernatural abilities. Is there an FAQ or anything else that you can quote that suggests that spellstrike applies to this ability as well? – KRyan Jan 26 at 17:52
if you look above, it was explained that the Pool strike description states that you can use Spellstrike.[link]… – Raetjor Jan 26 at 18:10
You should add that to your answer then. It is important that answers here always back up their claims. Just say that the Pool Strike arcana itself explicitly allows itself to work with spellstrike, and provide the link, and this will be a great answer. – KRyan Jan 26 at 18:16
Yes, indeed; I don’t really see why we needed another answer that says the same thing. But if you’re going to add another answer, the same expectations are going to be made of your answer as others, i.e. you are still expected to back up your answer. If anything, the standards are higher, since it doesn’t really seem like your answer adds anything than Matthew’s didn’t already cover. – KRyan Jan 26 at 18:59
If you feel that you are being harassed, unnecessarily or otherwise, you can Flag the post to bring it to moderator attention. In the case of comments, flagging is done by hovering over the comment, and clicking the flag icon. You can also bring up any policy disagreements you may have on Role-playing Games Meta if you like. – KRyan Jan 26 at 19:32

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