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I'm running a 3.5E table for a mix of experienced and new players. The adventure we're running is "Way of the Wicked", which is set for Pathfinder. (To clarify: the players are working with 3.5 rules, and we run the game at 3.5; only the adventure is Pathfinder)

For the first bit, I had just been translating on-the-fly (It wants Perception, OK roll Spot or Listen as appropriate). But last session the party encountered NPCs with class levels, and it became apparent that the Pathfinder versions were significantly up-powered from the player versions (beyond what could be explained by differences in builds and levels and such).

I did some handwaving to avoid a TPK, but since this campaign runs all the way up, I'm concerned that the power differential could get out of hand.

So, what tricks and traps should I beware of when running a Pathfinder adventure under 3.5 rules?

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No worries, you should be fine

The basic power-level is slightly higher in the first 2 or 3 levels in Pathfinder, but will quickly even out as the differences between in power-level between classes start to show.

Encounters in Pathfinder adventure paths should not be problem for even a moderately optimised group. There have even been threads on paizo.com how a swarm of bee can be reasonably expected to kill more than half of all AP bosses in a fair fight.

The one exception are a few specific trick monsters or traps that depend on luck or foreknowledge, but those would hurt a Pathfinder-only party as well.

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AP = Adventure Path? –  ioanwigmore Feb 10 at 22:44
Yes. AP is a common abbreviation for Adventure Path. –  Mala Feb 11 at 1:11
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