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What is the simplest, most effective way to be able to teleport to your home base and then return to the location you were at before, i.e. from point A to B and back to A.

The method must be mobile so you can take it with you on adventures, and I would prefer a pay once item.

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Like Diablo's Town Portal ? A is mobile and B is a fixed point in space ? –  Trajan Feb 12 at 15:40
@Trajan Yes I forgot to mention that. I added an edit for it. –  Aaron Feb 12 at 15:52
I would suggest GM fiat here (if you are the GM) or asking your GM. Most ways to do this will end up costing a LOT. –  Cristol.GdM Feb 12 at 16:09
Have you seen these? Boots of Teleportation –  Colin D Feb 12 at 16:26
There's discussion about boots of teleportation being one-person-only or not –  Zachiel Feb 12 at 17:37

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Be or travel with a 9th level wizard who has the Teleport spell.

Otherwise, get some Boots of Teleportation (or scrolls)

Both of them do not account for inter-planar travel, have a limit on distance, and a chance to fail.

The spell Greater Teleport removes the distance and failure problem (I estimate boots of greater teleport to be 3 times the cost of the normal boots of teleport) but not the inter-planar travel problem.

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One possibility that will mostly solve this problem is a Bag of Holding III and a set of Ring Gates. What you do is you have all of your party members but one hop into the bag of holding, and then have the remaining one drop the bag through one end of the ring gate. Have the 'home team' either send a signal or return to the bag at a predetermined time, and the 'away team' can pull the bag back through.

You can pass 100 lbs of material through the ring gate per day, and the Bag III only weighs 35 lbs, so you can do this once per day. You're limited to 100 miles, and you have to leave at least one person on the far end, so this isn't totally ideal, but it's reasonable. This would cost 47400 gp.

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I think you could pass the bag back through and have the remaining character climb in and be brought through too: 'A character can reach through to grab things near the other ring…'. You would have to leave the other ring behind, although you do want that so you can get back again. –  Paul Hutton Feb 12 at 19:33
The boots of Teleportation cost less and have a longer distance although this is a good alternative. Kinda risky as most adventurers have many pointy things. –  Aaron Feb 12 at 20:14
@Aaron the cost is about the same. (boots of teleport are actually slightly more expensive). This does have the up side of guaranteed arrival at the correct destination. –  Colin D Feb 12 at 20:16
@Aaron This may not be the best way of teleporting home, but it certainly is one way of teleporting home. :) –  DuckTapeAl Feb 12 at 21:57

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