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I know that as a scout progresses he gets more attacks/round from his BAB. if using both attacks or all three is a full round action how can he gain the benefit from his skirmish which requires him to move at least 10 ft?

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Ranged or melee? What level? –  Brian Ballsun-Stanton Feb 21 at 7:31
Right now my scout focuses on ranged at lvl 6 but as i level higher i hope to move into a ranged/twf scout. Yes i understand that is a huge amout of feats needed to be proficient with both but its ok i will deal with that situation myself not to mention we have a fairly generous dm. –  gareth the elf Feb 21 at 19:12

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The best resource for this is KRyan's answer to his own question, "What are the best ways to move and full-attack in the same round?"

Add to his list the following:

  • The shoulders slot item shadow cloak (DrU 101) (5,500 gp; 1 lb.) as an immediate action 3/day grants the wearer the ability to teleport up to 10 ft.
  • The feet item boots of sidstepping (MIC 78) (6,000 gp; 0 lbs.) as an immediate action 3/day grants the wearer the ability to take a 5-ft. step even if the wearer's already taken a 5-ft. step or move action this turn.
  • The slotless item sparring dummy of the master (AE 137) (30,000 gp; 40 lbs.) grants a creature with at least 1 level of monk the ability to move 10 ft. when taking 5-ft. steps. Training with the dummy takes 4 weeks. This forces the scout into monk (or forces him to find a DM generous enough to allow the scout to employ the Use Magic Device skill to fake monk-ness), and as this item wasn't updated to D&D 3.5 the DM may rule it's unavailable.
  • The feat Sidestep (MH 28) as a nonaction 1/round grants the creature the ability, after the creature attacks, to take a 5-ft. step instead of making an attack of opportunity. To use this to activate skirmish, the scout must take a 5-ft. step, make at least one attack as part of his full attack routine, and then somehow force a threatened creature to provoke an attack of opportunity from him during his full attack. Difficult to use and not recommended.
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Thanks for the items listing and books that was very helpful. But im looking for a more permanent solution not just a x/day type thing –  gareth the elf Feb 21 at 19:08
Also as far as kryan's response to his question with pounce and trading fast movement does that scout have that option as well since a scouts fast movement acts the same as a barbarians –  gareth the elf Feb 21 at 19:18
@gareththeelf The barbarian alternative class feature spiritual totem (lion totem) (CC 46) is restricted to barbarians, but with a generous enough DM all things are possible. –  Hey I Can Chan Feb 21 at 20:37
@gareththeelf Barbarian 1 is a really solid dip for a scout, between Lion Spiritual Totem and the Whirling Frenzy (gain a bonus attack) or Ferocity (+Str/Dex) alternatives to Rage. Also, consider levels of ranger with the Swift Hunter feat from Complete Scoundrel. Barb 1/Sct 4/Rngr 15 is a really solid, simple Skirmish build. However, Pounce doesn’t help with ranged attacks; considering that, cleric 1 may be a better dip. –  KRyan Feb 22 at 0:15
I'd like to add a note: There is some disagreement on whether teleportation effects count as movement for the purposes of Skirmish. This interpretation makes quite a few of the magic items inapplicable. –  Ernir Feb 22 at 14:41

Scouts are kinda supposed to find a way, through clever character building, to get rid of this limitation. As Monte Cook explained in his Ivory Tower Game Design essay, D&D is a game where your character results depend on your system mastery - especially recognizing trap options (or, like Monte tells us, options that are not good in our game) and finding out combos.

So, while your first option would be "don't play a Scout, even if you combo him out it's not really strong"(1), your second option is "find ways to move at least 10ft before striking/shooting".

Some of these options are right there, hidden in plain sight in the bonus feat list of the Scout. The Manyshot feat allows you to dish out up to 4 attacks in a standard action and the Improved Manyshot one lets you apply your skirmish damage to all of them.
Some involve more system mastery and material from different books. While it's not the best option out there, the Dervish Prestige Class is one easily recognizable way to get that extra damage at least once or twice per day.
The other answers already suggest lots of ways to do so.

1) That depends a lot on your DM and on the power level and output damage of the rest of your group. If you're "not really strong" but nobody is or your DM manages to give you something else satisfying to do, that's fine.

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I guess the point is to take 10 ft step (i.e. free action) to make a full attack later on. In that case, I know the following ways:

  1. Get the feat "Travel Devotion" (CC), which allows you to move for free. To boost this, you could add some levels of cleric to have more turn undead to spare and then get the feat "Improved turning". A word of warning: the "Devotion" feats are IMHO pretty broken, especially "Travel Devotion", so it's good to talk about this with your master.
  2. Magic items. In the MIC there are items that grant you extra 5ft in your step. One such item is called "Boots of sidestepping". Alternatively, you could use an "Anklet of translocation". I don't know of other items, but suggestions will be edited. Another word of warning: check your master's policy on MIC items.
  3. Only for melee. Instead of getting a free, larger step, you can get a full-round action after a movement. The most common way is the "Lion-totem barbarian" class replacement feature (UA).

A final remark. I thought the point of the skirmish damage was to let a scout choose: either many arrows, each of which deal normal damage, or a single arrow, dealing lots, probably getting to do a similar amount of damage as in the full round. I am unaware whether getting the skirmish damage on all arrow hits makes the game unbalanced, but surely this is something to avoid, and it is something one should weigh based on the party he is in.

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Actually, any option letting you choose between many attacks, very low damage and one attack, low damage is inherently bad. Luckily, at least for ranged Scouts, the Improved Manyshot feat is in the Core ruleset. –  Zachiel Feb 21 at 14:07
My understanding is that the move free action is a 5 foot step not 10. Is my understanding wrong and if not is there a way to increase that distance –  gareth the elf Feb 21 at 19:05

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