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After getting keen I am exploring other options for my Pathfinder Society level 8 Magus. This is my first caster character of any sort, so forgive me if I'm forgetting something obvious.

Consider the following scenario:

  • Cast shocking grasp into my scimitar with spell storing enchant
  • Next round reveals electricity immune baddie
  • Attack baddie with scimitar, choosing not to unleash held spell
  • Next round cast frigid touch and deliver with spellstrike

My question in this scenario is: If you deliver a held spell with spellstrike through a weapon with spell storing, does it "clear" out the stored spell (much like what happens if you cast a spell while still holding one as a caster).

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No. You have to explicitly cast the spell into a spell storing weapon in order to store the spell.

(much like what happens if you cast a spell while still holding one as a caster)

Simply holding the weapon while you cast a spell does not automatically fill an empty spell storing weapon, not even for normal casters.

You can choose not to activate the stored spell, and cast frigid touch through spellstrike. Your shocking grasp remains stored until you discharge it or explicitly store another spell in your weapon. Further note, although you didn't ask - the stored shocking grasp does not get the enhanced critical range from spellstrike, because it's discharged from the item, not using your ability.

I'm not able to find any specific FAQs. To parse RAW:

Once the spell has been cast from the weapon, a spellcaster can cast any other targeted spell of up to 3rd level into it.

They cast the spell into the weapon instead of the standard target. Targeting always requires specific intent. Without this intent, you're not actually doing anything with the spell storing property. Spellstrike is a separate ability which acts independently of spell storing.

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