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I have a half-giant barbarian (built from the Advanced Races Guide). I've reached 2nd level and have taken the Lesser Beast Totem rage power.

I've noticed that the claws only mention scaling down from the medium 1d6 damage to the small 1d4 damage. Considering I'm large, does it upscale to the large 1d8 damage?

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The listing in the description is just there so that in the most common cases (Small and Medium) you don’t have to go look up the Natural Attacks by Size Table.

A weapon that deals 1d6 when Medium deals 1d8 when Large, so yes, your claws deal 1d8. The linked table can be used to scale up or down any natural weapon (and its more-or-less identical to a similar table for manufactured weapons).

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@ObliviousSage Done. – KRyan Feb 24 '14 at 4:52

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