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So in the game i am currently running i have a virtual adept character, and to be honest i have always wondered this myself, but does a virtual adept need spirit to go to the Digital Web? I am running Mage the Ascension the revised edition.

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Correspondence is cool, but

  • any "remote" modification of living beings requires Life (and materials - Matter),
  • exemplary Sphere Effects indicate so: whereami? requires Spirit level 1 to guess in which Astral Domain you are or Mind to realize it's a dream/hallucination; window requires Time or Spirit to watch different eras / worlds.
  • Umbra = Spirit. Digital Web = Umbra. Therefore Digital Web = Spirit.

I've written this mostly from memory, but I doubt revised changed this.

Of course, if your GM says you can, you can... but so can everybody else. And that makes Spirit kinda irrelevant Sphere.

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Also, I think in the Digital Web book, or maybe the virtual adepts one there are recepies to connect with mind, more or less like an Astral walk. With Mind you leave your body behind and with Spirit you carry your body with you when you create your icon. –  Random Mar 4 '14 at 9:40

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