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When a player's character increases their Con score at any level does that change their max Hit Points?

For example, a cleric has HP equal to 12+Con at 1st level and has a 16 Con. And at levels 4, 8, 11, and so on I could add +1 to two scores, and I choose Con for one of them every time. So at level 4 the cleric's Con goes to 17, at level 8 it becomes 18 Con, at level 11 it's 19 Con, and so on.

Though it seems small, should I add that +1 my Hit Points as well when my Con increases?

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To quote from the Player's Handbook, p. 27, Gaining Levels:

Hit Points

Check your class description in Chapter 4 to see how many hit points you gain with your new level. Add those to your total. If you increased your Constitution score, increase your hit points by 1 (as if you had your new Constitution score when you were 1st level). Also, if you increased your Constitution score to an even number, increase your number of healing surges by one.

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