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Is it possible to increase the reach of a monk unarmed strikes except by increasing in size?

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I good answer should teach this man to fish, instead of just throwing a few fish at him.... –  Pureferret Mar 20 at 19:01
One possibility is to use Spring Attack and run in and hit stuff, then run back. Not increasing reach, but allowing you to get in and back again in the same turn. Monks get Spring Attack as a bonus feat at level 6, I think (may need prerequisites...). –  LordScree Mar 21 at 10:40

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There are a variety of feats and items that let you do this.

The Lunge feat lets you increase your reach for 5' during your turn only for a -2 to AC for a round. Monkey Lunge stacks on this to remove the AC penalty.

The Combat Patrol feat lets you increase your threatened area, which effectively gives you reach for AoOs.

Of course, there are some monk weapons that have reach - not your unarmed strike per se but can be used to deliver ki effects.

Magic item wise, Pliant Gloves give you 10 rounds of reach a day plus other benefits and are pretty inexpensive. Longarm Bracers are an even cheaper and more limited version.

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You can use the feat Lunge (Core Rulebook).

The only problem is that you need BAB 6 or higher.

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