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A character I'm creating is going to be an expert in ancient and dead languages, hopefully quite a few.

Is a linguistics speciality in Academics enough (so he can decode/translate ancient Sumerian manuscripts, etc., without being fluent in, say, conversational ancient Phoenician) or do I need to buy a language merit in each individual language? If I do this, it is going to get completely unfeasible merit point-wise very quickly.

Or is this something better off being covered by my ST?

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For what you've described, the "Ancient and Dead Languages" specialty for Academics should do just fine. If you have access to The God-Machine Chronicle update for World of Darkness (the rules update is free), you might also ask to take the "Multilingual" merit (p.163) which allows you to take 2 languages at a lesser level for a single merit dot—and it can be taken multiple times.

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Strange the GMC by my broke my pdf reader. – Pureferret Mar 23 '14 at 17:23

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