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Whenever I try to do so, the program does nothing. I can add powers and traits to monsters, just not to creature templates.

Edit: This is in the libraries menu of Masterplan.

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Can you be more specific? I don't have experience with the software, but it doesn't sound like a person would know where to start to replicate your problem. –  BESW Mar 30 at 11:49
Which Version of Masterplan are you using? Are you using any Add-ins? –  Joshua Drake Jun 16 at 13:41
I am having the same problem, ver 11.11. This is the first bug I have encountered since using the program. No add-ins, just the standard program. Just as with the poster I can add powers/traits to creatures but not to templates. Auras/tactics work fine. –  Adam Varo Jul 15 at 4:00

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