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The Autohypnosis skill was added by Ultimate Psionics, published by Dreamscarred Press*.

On this page it says:

Presented are new psionics-related skills and existing skills that are used in new ways by psionic characters.

So the skill is psionics-related but does that mean it cannot be used by non-psionic classes? I could easily think of fluff related reasons for why/how other types of characters would/could train their mind in such a way. It doesn't seem to require any sort of innate psionic power, like actual telekinesis or other psionic abilities. Just intensive training.

In other words, is it a house-ruling to allow other types of characters to rank in Autohypnosis?

As an allegory, there's nothing preventing a Fighter from having ranks in Spellcraft and/or Use Magic Device...

*: So therefore 3rd Party material and not published/supported by Paizo.

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Context: the autohypnosis skill also existed in the 3.5 psionic rules. – starwed Apr 27 '14 at 19:48
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If no restriction is listed (and I can confirm that none is), no restriction exists. It’s related to psionics because the only classes that have it in-class are psionic classes, but others can use it just fine. As you say, there’s no reason it should be restricted, and lo and behold, it’s not.

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As the author of Ultimate Psionics, I can verify that anyone can use Autohypnosis, but only the psionic classes tend to have it as a class skill. So go ahead!

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