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I'm a fairly veteran DM, cut my teeth on 2nd edition DnD and have spent the bulk of my time with d20 and its derivatives. I have generally run campaigns for groups of 4-8 players and usually there are 3 core players and the others cycle in and out throughout the campaign.

In a few months I am beginning a new campaign set in my established homebrew setting. There will be only two players, both veteran role players, and we'll be playing by remote using d20 pro.

I wondered if anyone had experience running a small party like this?

The campaign is intrigue focused, one player is a telepath (the first ever, to his knowledge) the other a former member of the Magi (the emperor's magic a police, responsible for suppressing higher level magic for centuries).

I'm specifically looking for ways to handle things such as plotting and manipulating information (the players will be cooperating... mostly)

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Specifically; how have you handled combat with only 2 players? If you've run a primarily political game, how have you dealt with players keeping secrets from one another? – rideoutcolin May 1 '14 at 3:30