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If you're trying to teach an animal a trick and the animal has a maximum of 3 tricks and already knows 3, can you replace one of the old ones for a new trick? I can't find anyhting in the RAW about this, thanks!

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It will depend on what you would consider "RAW". There are ton's of supplements for Pathfinder, both on the SRD and outside it. Per the core, there is not a way to do this that I can figure out.

You can, as suggested by Colin D, replace your animal, or discuss a way to replace one trick for another with your DM. As always, a DM have the powers to house-rule this, so check up with him.

You can however "Push" your animal to do some tricks that it doesn't know, as a higher-CD test. Look at this link for details on how to "push" an animal.

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